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My writing has appeared in many outdoor, travel and sports publications. Though primarily sports focused, I cover a variety of topics, including travel, gear, women’s issues, kids sports, outdoor recreation, parenting, and profiles. Heck I even write about scone mixes, muffin tins and knitting. If you need something written, give me a shout! Here are a few samples:

SKI Magazine

Stratton Style: The mountains of Vermont hardly rivaled those of his native Austria, but Stratton Mountain’s founding ski school director knew good times were more important than towering peaks. » Read more

Stowe’s Sugar Slalom: For 66 years the Sugar Slalom has been a rite of spring for New England ski racers – a come-one-come-all, FIS-sanctioned race with the spirit of Mardi Gras and a start list that includes everyone from hula-skirted kids to GS-suited World Cup skiers. » Read more

Kizbuhel; Putting on the Kitz: I’m in the Austrian town of Kitzbuhel to join the “Franz and Friends” tour, one of several high-end adventures offered by Franz Weber, Olympian, former speed-skiing champion and direct conduit, it seems, to everyone with a pedigree in the ski world. » Read more

Cowboy Up: The goal of the dude ranch – and there are dozens like Skyline that stud the Rocky Mountain West – is to reconnect people with their inner cowboy. It’s a connection you don’t even know you’re missing until you pull on a pair of boots and settle into a saddle. » Read more

Take a Seat: Chris Waddell, the world’s most decorated monoskier, coaches an able-bodied U.S. Ski Team veteran on the finer points of carving while strapped into a bucket. » Read more

Trading Races: The rules – the Chamonix Rules—may be the first thing you need to understand about Interbourse, an annual ski week that brings together traders, brokers and other assorted security-slingers representing 21 stock exchanges from Europe and North America. » Read more


Skiing History

The All-American: Bob Beattie speaks out on the “alarming” state of collegiate ski racing in the United States—and how it can be fixed. » Read more

‘Where Are They Now’

Kjetil Andre Aamodt: With eight Olympic and 12 World Championship medals, the “Baby Shark” is cruising happily through retirement. » Read more

Tommy Moe: From Jackson Hole to Alaska, the former Olympic downhill champ now makes a living as a mountain and river guide. » Read more

Annemarie Moser-Proell: The Austrian “Sportswoman of the Century” says her 62-win World Cup record was made to be broken. » Read more

Racer Next on Ski

Columns from the 2014-15 ski season.

Should You Put Your Kid on Ice this Summer? Parents may be agonizing over summer skiing. Is it right for my kid? How much? When? How far? » Read more

The Best Advice You Never Got: When it comes to advice, of course, timing is everything. When the student is ready, the teacher is there. » Read more

The Prodigy Problem: Throughout the season, I’m often asked whether I think certain kids are going to go “all the way” or if they “have what it takes.” This time of year, parents can get starry-eyed or blurry-eyed at their kids’ performances in these seemingly all-important championship events. » Read more

The College Try: Ever since racing for Sierra Nevada College myself, I’ve loved the vibe of college racing. It’s fun but intense; team-oriented but still individually rewarding. » Read more

Failure is the New Success: Not to be a buzz-kill, but as the racing season cranks into high gear, it’s time to have a chat about failure. It is inevitable. It is painful. It is also a rite of passage on the route to success. » Read more

Who’s Got the Look? On the eve of the World Championships, we put a lot of energy into predicting who’ll medal. We analyze past results, equipment, training, course conditions, physical condition, weather and of course luck to consider. But the one thing that can trump them all is confidence. » Read more

Hermannator I – The Original: Long before a young bricklayer from Flachau captivated the ski world’s attention, another, quieter, Hermannator from Zell am See was changing the sport. » Read more

Ski Racing À La Carte: How parents can afford to keep their kids in the sport. » Read more

I, Ski Racing Parent, Do Solemnly Swear… Why you need to take this pledge to keep our young athletes in this sport. » Read more

The Price is (Not) Right: I recently posed a broad but simple question to ski friends on Facebook: What are some ways to make ski racing more affordable? » Read more

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